Autumn Show Saturday 3rd September


What a difficult summer it has been for gardeners and indeed everyone. The hottest ever recorded temperature and a severe lack of rain during the growing season, ended with some recent torrential downpours. Our gardens and allotments struggled, but despite that our Autumn Show on 7th September in the Village Hall, was full of colour and filled with floral art, flowers, pot plants, vegetables and fruit as well as domestic, photographic and junior entries.

We had photos of our favourite Glebe allotments, (sadly the Ickenham Green allotments are out of action this season) and we hope to inspire more allotment holders to enter their produce next autumn. There were also photos of our sunflower competition entries, won this year by Aiden Teeuwen with his sunflower measuring 317 cm tall!

There was a lovely atmosphere in the Hall as the community joined together to enjoy the show with ever popular tea and homemade cakes. Glebe School Gardeners joined us again and brought with them examples of the vegetables, herbs and sunflowers they had grown as well as a colourful photographic display of everything they had been growing during the summer term. How busy they have been!

Following judging, the prizes and awards were presented by Fiona and Rebecca Chandramohan, two of the Ickenham Postbox Topper Group, whose hard work adorned all the Ickenham post boxes during Ickenham Festival Week in June. They also presented us with the topper they had created for the Society and this will go on permanent display in the Trading Hut in the near future.

Trophies for the overall winners throughout the year will be presented at the Society’s AGM on 25th November, meanwhile here is a summary of ‘Best in Section’ certificate winners for this Show. Please scroll down to see some photographs of the day. Click or tap on each photo to enlarge it.

Flowers                         Roger Trigg

Pot Plants                     Roger Trigg

      Vegetables                    David Saunders

       Fruit                               Margaret Mayes

          Floral Art                       Suzanne Marshall

Domestic                       Liz Senior

Wine                               Chris Lane

        Photographic                 Mark Lawrence

       Juniors                             Olivia Vincent