Important Membership News

Once again this year, to be on the safe side, the committee has agreed that subscriptions will not be collected.  Any donations will of course be very much appreciated.

We are hoping to issue new membership cards and show schedules before Christmas, drop off only of course!

This last 18 months has brought it home to us how important having your e-mail contact is.

If you have not received any e-mails from us over the last few months, this means we do not have your details.

Please e-mail me using with your name and first line of address.  I can then put you on our e-mail list.  Only I have access to this information and it is kept password protected. Please help us to keep in touch!!


We still have a few roads not covered by a road steward.  If you feel you can help please contact me


Many thanks

Francine Brown (Membership Officer)


Membership to the Society costs £3.50 per household for the year.
Benefits of membership include access to the following:
  • Gardening advice from hundreds of good sources!
  • Value-for-money goods at the Trading Hut
  • Ability to enter into two annual shows (Spring and Autumn)
  • Monthly lecture series during the Winter
  • Day trips to places of interest
  • 2 newsletters a year

If you are interested in becoming a member then drop us an email.

Membership enquiries

Welcome New Members!

Don't forget you that as a member you can use the Trading Hut!
And come to the monthly lectures.
And you really should participate in the Spring or Autumn Show!