Important Membership News

What a strange and difficult start to the year, I hope you are all spending plenty of time on your gardens!

The committee has agreed that this year we will not be collecting membership subscriptions, nor will we be issuing new membership cards. We thought this posed unacceptable risk to the road stewards in terms of face to face contact.

All last year’s yellow membership cards will roll-over and will be valid for a further year at the hut. If you have lost it, don’t panic, we have a full list of paid up members!

Any donations to the society will naturally be welcome and gratefully received.

One request, since we are not renewing membership cards, if any of your contact details/e-mail addresses have changed, could you please let me know, either by e-mailing me on

Many thanks, stay safe

Francine Brown Membership Officer


Membership to the Society costs £3.50 per household for the year.
Benefits of membership include access to the following:
  • Gardening advice from hundreds of good sources!
  • Value-for-money goods at the Trading Hut
  • Ability to enter into two annual shows (Spring and Autumn)
  • Monthly lecture series during the Winter
  • Day trips to places of interest
  • 2 newsletters a year

If you are interested in becoming a member then drop us an email.

Membership enquiries

Welcome New Members!

Don't forget you that as a member you can use the Trading Hut!
And come to the monthly lectures.
And you really should participate in the Spring or Autumn Show!